Understanding How Long Does it Take to Install Gutters

Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your gutters, but they won’t last indefinitely. You’ll know it’s time for new gutters if your current ones are severely damaged, sagging, or pulling away from your home. Delaying their replacement can lead to significant water damage. How Long Does it Take to Install Gutters?

If you’re experiencing issues with your gutters, it’s crucial to replace them before they cause further damage to your home’s structure. But you might be wondering, how long does it take to remove gutters? And how long does it take to install new ones?

Factors that help determine How Long Does it Take to Install Gutters

How Long Does it Take to Install Gutters

1.The size of your house

It may seem obvious, but the more square footage and the more stories your home has, the longer the job will take. Larger homes have bigger roof perimeters, requiring more material for the gutter system. Additionally, multiple stories make the job more labor-intensive for workers.

One major factor that can extend the time needed for gutter installation is the number of corners on your home. A gutter system requires extra materials and special parts to ensure uninterrupted flow around corners. A quality contractor will take the necessary time to properly install all the components of the corner gutters.

2. The steepness of your roof

A steeper roof results in a more labor-intensive gutter installation. Flat roofs allow workers to move around freely, making the job easier. However, most houses do not have flat roofs. Steep roofs require installers to take extra precautions, which can slow down the job.

Similarly, heavier materials can increase the difficulty of installation. While most gutter pieces are similar in weight, commercial properties and larger homes may require heavy-duty materials, adding to the complexity of the task.

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3. How Many Stories Your Home Is

If your home has multiple stories, expect the seamless gutter installation process to take longer. The increased difficulty in accessing higher points means the installation team will spend more time climbing up and down ladders. While nearly flat roofs allow workers to move around more easily, steep roofs significantly extend the project’s duration.

4. Removing Old Gutters

The installation process will take longer if you need to remove old gutters. Seamless gutters require a complete replacement, as you can’t build around or replace old gutters by segment. Gutter removal can take anywhere from several hours to two days, similar to installation.

5. Type of Gutters You Want Installed

The time required for installation varies depending on the type of gutters you choose. Seamless gutters generally take the same time to install, but additional features like leaf guards or numerous downspouts can extend the project. Certain materials, such as copper, may also take longer to install than aluminum or vinyl gutters.

6.Your Contractor’s Skills

Replacing gutters is more complex than it appears, requiring the right tools and proper techniques. An inexperienced person will inevitably take longer to complete the job. Therefore, it’s best to leave gutter replacement to skilled professionals. Before hiring a contractor, ensure you do your research, verify their licenses, read reviews, and ask for references.

Remember, well-installed gutters last longer and perform better. At Barry Best Seamless Gutters, we provide efficient and high-quality gutter and retractable awning installation services. You can also count on us for all your gutter protection needs.

DIY vs Professional

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It’s worth mentioning that doing your gutter replacement yourself will typically take much longer than hiring a professional technician. DIY projects involve a lot of trial and error, and you may lack the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools.

Additionally, weather conditions can impact the timeline. Before starting a DIY gutter replacement project, ensure you’re comfortable working at heights and handling the installation process.

How Long to Remove Gutters

When beginning your gutter replacement, the first step is removing the old gutters from your home. The time required depends on the type of home you have. For instance, removing gutters from a two-story home will take much longer than from a single-story ranch or a small home.

DIY ReplacementProfessional Installer
Single Story Home (1,000 – 1,500 sq feet)3-6 hours1-2 hours
Two Story Home (1,500 – 2,500 sq feet)6-10 hours2-4 hours
Large Two-Story Home (2,500+ sq feet)10+ hours4-8 hours

What Can You Expect During Gutter Replacement?

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Removing the Old Gutters

When your contractor arrives, one of the first tasks is to remove your existing gutters. They will take down all components, including the brackets and downspouts. A reliable company will take necessary precautions to protect your siding, windows, and the rest of your home’s exterior from damage.

Preparing for Installation

While removing the old gutters, workers might discover underlying issues such as mold or wood rot. These problems must be addressed before installing the new gutters. If you’re getting seamless gutters, your contractor will measure the eaves to fabricate gutters that perfectly fit your home. The preparation stage is usually the busiest part of a gutter replacement project, but when done correctly, it ensures the longevity of your investment.

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Installing Your New Gutters

Once all the prep work is complete, the next step is to install the gutters. Your contractor will use a special sealant to secure miter joints, end caps, fastener points, and downspout guides. While gutters may appear straight from a distance, professionals install them at a slight angle to prevent water from pooling inside.

The installation is typically completed within a day, depending on the size and structure of your home. Be sure to discuss the timeline with your contractor beforehand to know what to expect and make necessary arrangements before construction begins.

Adding Downspouts

After installing the gutters, the downspouts will be secured to your home’s exterior. Proper placement ensures rainwater flows away from your house, preventing basement flooding and foundation issues. Though this stage doesn’t usually take long, it is crucial for effective water damage prevention.

Cleaning the Site and Disposing of Refuse Materials

The final step of a quality install gutters service is cleanup. Exterior home projects often create a lot of mess, and improper preparation can lead to property damage. Dependable professionals will thoroughly clean the site before leaving your property.

Before hiring a gutter installer, it’s important to discuss how they will prepare your home for construction and handle the cleanup afterward. Some companies will take care of the cleanup and disposal of refuse materials, while others may not. Your contractor might use a powerful magnet to ensure no nails or screws are left on your lawn, protecting you, your family, and your pets. Additionally, inquire about how the installation process might differ depending on whether your home has rafters vs trusses, as this can affect the installation approach and timeline.


Considering all these factors, the gutter installation process typically lasts between one and five hours. For more complex and extensive gutter systems, it may take longer, but usually no more than a day. The best gutter repair services balance speed with quality, so it’s acceptable if an installation spans two days.

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